International Network System Public Company Limited or “ITNS” was founded on April 22, 2002, with an authorized capital of 1 million baht under the management of the Board members who have experience and achievements in administration and operation in Information Technology and Telecommunication by both domestic and international products. Our company has a strong determination to be one of the companies that give trust to customers by considering the reasons, benefits, and success of our customers.


ITNS has increased the authorized capital to 10 million baht and has plans to expand continuous investment to support services for current and future customers with stability which has expertise and experience in the fields of computer and Information Technology to operate consulting, development, computer system installation, and information technology networking in the service business for both public and private sectors—focusing on enterprise, government, and private clients.


To increase competitiveness in the market nowadays, our company has opened additional customer service centers with sales offices that have space and various facilities to support customers and businesses that are rapidly expanding in Bangkok and surrounding provinces. So, customers can have confidence in the efficiency and potential of our company.

International Network System Pub Co., Ltd.

Head Office : 3300/106-107 20th Floor, Tower B, Elephant Tower, Phaholyothin Rd, Jompol, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

Tel   (+66)2 5137637-8 

Fax  (+66)2 5137686  


Cisco Gold Partner

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