ITNS provides consulting services in both the business as well as the technology areas. For business consulting, ITNS usually brings in partners with global experience in particular business subject matter, while contributing ITNS’s local business know-how in order to adapt.


ITNS takes pride in our strong project management practice aligned with world-recognized project management methodology. We emphasize on soft skills development to ensure smooth co-operation internally within the team, and externally with clients and partners.


ITNS is recognized as one of the major systems integrators in the Thai market today. We have extensive experience in high-end projects with high degree of project complexity. We have also working experience systems integrators in many instances.


ITNS provides comprehensive maintenance services for our clients covering hardware and software as well as systems integration services. We are awarded our projects many times by our ability to provide warranty as well as post-production support.

International Network System Pub Co., Ltd.

Head Office : 3300/106-107 20th Floor, Tower B, Elephant Tower, Phaholyothin Rd, Jompol, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

Tel   (+66)2 5137637-8 

Fax  (+66)2 5137686  


Cisco Gold Partner

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